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Open Studio Membership

Want to take your skills to a new level and meet other clay enthusiasts? Enjoy the freedom of 60 Weekly Hours of available Open Studio Access at Clay Haus!

Memberships are available to those that have completed an 8 Week Pottery Wheel Course at Clay Haus OR to Experienced Potters who have taken a "New Studio Member Evaluation" Private Lesson from one of our Instructors.

All individuals who have not taken an 8-Week Wheel Workshop but would like to become Open Studio Members at Clay Haus are required to take a New Member Evaluation Session to gain access.


45 minutes of this session is to ensure that you are capable of working with clay completely unassisted and the additional 15 minutes is used to give you a tour of our space, tools, equipment, glazes, etc.

This private session is $75 for an hour to work 1-on-1 with one of our experienced instructors. It includes the glazing and firing of 2 items made during the session.

 At the end of this session, the instructor will determine if they feel you have the independent knowledge necessary to have 7-day access to our studio. We hope you understand our reasoning for doing so is to maintain our equipment, glazes, and kilns at the highest level of functionality for all of our students and members. Members must be 15 years of age or older.

To schedule your New Studio Member Evaluation simply give us a call at 561-355-5906

Monthly Rate
$199 / Month

  • Dedicated personal shelf for works in progress.
  • Access to Studio during normal business hours. Works out to about $6 a day in cost!
  • Clay is not included.

Daily Drop In Rate
$35 / Day

  • Access to Studio space and its supplies and tools during normal studio hours.
  • Does NOT include clay or a shelf space
  • Monthly shelf rentals are available for $50/month while space available.
Pricing For Both​ Memberships Includes:
  • Access to 14 Shimpo VL-Lite Pottery Wheels and work surfaces during Open Studio Hours

  • 13 Mayco Stoneware Dipping Glazes

  • Slab Roller

  • Access to our many studio tools!

Please Note:

  1. Clay is $100 per 25lb bag or $4 per pound. Glazes and Firing are included in the price! No outside clay is permitted.

  2. Open Studio Time is first come first serve. Please call ahead to confirm studio hours and availability.

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